Sagamore Hills

Summit County

The Sagamore Hills Headwater Stream and Wetland Restoration site is approximately 170 acres located in Sagamore Hills Township, Summit County, Ohio. The site includes a portion of a township-owned parcel in the east, and approximately 69 acres of the site is within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, on the western portion of the site. The site is in the Willow-Lake watershed, a sub-watershed to the Cuyahoga River. The project will enhance 6.5 acres of existing wetlands, restore 725 linear feet of existing stream, stabilize and enhance of 610 linear feet of existing stream, enhance 4.3 acres of riparian buffer, reforest 17.7 acres of riparian forest, and reforest 74.6 acres of upland meadow restoration and reforestation.

Project Size: 17.7

Partners: The Nature Conservancy