H2Ohio Grants Fund Granville Childcare Center Connection to Public Water

Children and employees at the Kids Education and Recreation childcare center in Granville are enjoying access to a more reliable source of drinking water now that the facility has connected to the village’s public water system. The connection was made possible by a $98,000 grant from Ohio EPA’s H2Ohio funding.

“While Governor’s DeWine’s H2Ohio program funds many critical water and sewer infrastructure projects throughout the state, there’s nothing more rewarding than our work on these projects that connect childcare facilities to public water systems or replace lead service lines at daycares,” said Ohio EPA Director Anne M. Vogel. “This ‘no strings attached’ funding allows the wonderful grownups who work at these facilities to focus even more on helping these little ones grow and learn, rather than worrying about being in the water business as well.”

The connection to Granville water replaces the facility’s well. Now Kids Education and Recreation, like other businesses in the area, is a customer of Granville public water system.

“Kids Education & Recreation is very thankful that Ohio EPA recognized and supported the need for public water service to our childcare center,” said Britney Lang, owner of Kids Education and Recreation. “This not only assures our children and team have reliable drinking water, but it also allowed us to get rid of a costly well water purification system and eliminated the need for costly weekly well water testing. This grant has changed our childcare center in so many positive ways.”

Ohio’s water quality continues to be a top priority for Governor DeWine and the H2Ohio initiative has the unique ability to fill funding gaps that cannot be addressed by other existing programs.