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About H2OHIO

A collaborative approach to the issues facing Ohio’s water.

Launched by Governor Mike DeWine in 2019, H2Ohio is a comprehensive water quality initiative that is working to strategically address serious water issues that have been building in Ohio for decades. Such problems include harmful algal blooms on Lake Erie caused by phosphorus runoff from farm fertilizer, failing drinking water, wastewater, and home sewage treatment systems due to aging infrastructure, and lead contamination from old water pipes and fixtures.

H2Ohio was first funded by the Ohio General Assembly with an investment of $172 million in the 2020-2021 biennium. This funding has allowed H2Ohio to begin the long-term process to reduce phosphorus runoff from farms through the use of proven, science-based nutrient management best practices and the creation of phosphorus-filtering wetlands. H2Ohio also passes funding on to local communities that need help paying for important water infrastructure upgrades and aids in the development of other innovative water quality solutions.

Ohio’s water quality issues took time to develop, and it will take time to reverse course. Continued investment by the General Assembly will allow H2Ohio to continue building on its progress.

H2Ohio was created through unprecedented collaboration, using strategies that are long-term, sustainable, science-based and cost-effective. The Governor, the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the Lake Erie Commission, and many partners, including the Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative (OACI) have worked together to invest in projects across Ohio that will reduce nutrients and provide other long-term economic and water quality benefits to communities statewide.

H2Ohio By the Numbers

H2Ohio Announcement, November 14, 2019

“As a state, we are committed to helping farmers adopt the practices that can make a real difference. We will invest in creating more wetlands. And, we will help communities improve their water systems and remove decrepit septic systems.”

Mike DeWine


About H2Ohio

H2Ohio is Governor Mike DeWine’s comprehensive, data-driven water quality plan to reduce harmful algal blooms, improve wastewater infrastructure, and prevent lead contamination.

The Importance of Partnership

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Ohio Department of Agriculture and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency each has a significant role in H2Ohio through the creation of wetlands, the reduction in phosphorus runoff, and access to clean drinking water and quality sewer systems.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Ohio Department of Agriculture

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

What’s Happening

Latest Developments

H2Ohio Wetland Completed in Paulding County

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) dedicated a new H2Ohio wetland in Paulding County on June 9 that has been restored to help prevent harmful nutrient runoff into the Maumee State Scenic River. ODNR, in collaboration with the Black Swamp Conservancy,...

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H2Ohio Projects Completed in Williams County

EDON, Ohio – As part of Governor Mike DeWine’s H2Ohio initiative, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) officially dedicated the St. Joseph River Floodplain Restoration and St. Joseph Confluence Reconnection projects in Williams County.  The projects were...

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H2Ohio Initiative Announces 150 New Projects Across Ohio

As part of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s H2Ohio initiative, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is awarding a total of more than $5 million to 150 new projects that will contribute to improved water quality in the Lake Erie watershed. The H2Ohio Water...

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