$5 Million Investment Approved for H2Ohio Projects

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is partnering with the Ohio Water Development Authority (OWDA) to strengthen the impact of the H2Ohio water quality initiative. OWDA has approved $5 million to fund additional wetlands efforts in ODNR’s H2Ohio program. “This partnership will help us magnify...

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H2Ohio Annual Report

Early in 2019, Governor Mike DeWine proposed the H2Ohio water quality initiative to invest in targeted solutions to help ensure safe and clean water for Ohioans. In July, the Ohio General Assembly agreed to invest $172 million in the H2Ohio initiative. Since then, the agencies tasked with...

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H2Ohio Update

The Department of Agriculture is moving forward with $50 million in incentive funds available to producers for the implementation of the H2Ohio Best Management Practices (BMPs). Farmer participation in the H2Ohio program has been impressive.  Nearly 2000 applications have been submitted from the...

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